lash challenge croatia

Lash challenge Croatia, eyelash extension competition, Zagreb, 07-08.04.2017


Saturday 7.04.2018.

8:15-8:45 Registration, dramatic 4-6D

9:00-12:15 DRAMATIC LOOK 4-6D

12:15-12:45 Registration,classic 1:1

13:00-15:15 CLASSIC LOOK 1:1

15:15-15:45 Registration, lash lift

16:00-17:00 LASH LIFT

Saturday night

20:00-24:00 CONFERENCE PARTY with guest speakers(dinner & drinks included)

DRESS CODE: „Black & white“

Sunday 8.04.2018.

9:45-10:15 Registration light volume 2-3D

10:30-13:15 LIGHT VOLUME 2-3D

13:15 -13:45 registration Colour play

14:00 – 16:30 COLOUR PLAY

20:00 AWARD CEREMONY (only drinks)

JUNIOR – less than 1,5 year experience
MASTER – 1,5-3 years experience
EXPERT – more than 3 years of experience and educators


  1. All contestants have to follow the rules about their experience and apply correctly.During the registrationn, every contestant has to send their first certificate to determine the correct experience
  2. If the contenstant applies in the LOWER category, the organizer has the right to DISQUALIFY that contestant without any explanation
  3. Winners of previous competitions (1,2,3 place) are obliged to note it during the registration, because they will be registered for higher level (juniors are registered to masters and masters are registered to experts)

1 live category……………. 100 EUR (750 kn
If you register to only 1 category, this price does NOT include conference party on the 7.04.
If you wanna attend the conference party, you should pay additional 70 EUR.

2 live categories………..190 EUR (1425 kn)
It includes conference party for the contestant.

3 live categories………..270 EUR (2025 kn)
It includes conference party for the contestant.

4 live categories ………340 EUR (2550 kn)
It includes conference party for the contestant.

5 live categories……..400 EUR (3000 kn)
It includes conference party for the contestant.

IF YOU REGISTER FOR ALL 5 LIVE CATEGORIES, YOU ARE DIRECTLY NOMINATED FOR LASH CHALLENGE,“LASH ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2018.“ (the winner will be artist with the highest TOTAL points from all categories)

If you are bringing a guest with you, you should note that in the procedure of registration for competition,so we can send you invoice for your guest (70 EUR)

1 entry…………. 60 EUR (450 kn)
All the elements from lash art need to be done only by LASH ARTIST(hair, make up, lashes, costume..everything what is used)
The ONLY professional help that CAN be used(and it’s ALLOWED) is a PHOTOGRAPHER.
If the organizer finds out, after the competition, that any other professionals were working on the lash art entry, that lash artist will be DISQUALIFIED and, in the case of winning, will have to return the awards to the organizer.
Please send 3 photos:
A)open eyes in front of the face(really close and clear shot)
B)closed eyes from lash artists’ working position(close shot)
C)artistic photo from any position or angle
e-mail adress:

a)photo of your FIRST certicate for each category you are registering
b)full name and surname,date of birth,adress
c)write your category and experience
d)***if you have a company and want invoice on the company name, you also have to send the details about yout company
e)…and write will you bring a guest with you to the conference party and the NAME and SURNAME of your guest
After that you will receive an invoice for paying.

DEADLINE for registration to LIVE competition is 20.MARCH 2018.
(or untill the places are full, because we have LIMITED number of contestants)
DEADLINE for SENDING YOUR WORK for ONLINE competition is 25.MARCH 2018.

Martina Kallos Eye Lash Competition Martina Kallos Eye Lash Competition

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