lash challenge croatia

Lash challenge Croatia, eyelash extension competition, Zagreb, 01.04.2017


Contestants can book a room with reduced price. Price for contestants is 500 – 550 kn (arround 67-75 euros) , but the number of reduced rooms are limited and be sure to reserve your place on time.

For reservation you can contact:
+385 1 6457 900


8:00-8:45 Registration, classic category

9:00-11:30 CLASSIC category (2.5 hours)!!!

11:30 … Judging

12:00-12:45 Registration, volume category

13:00-16:30 VOLUME category (3.5 hours)!!!

16:30 … Judging

20:00-23:00 AWARD ceremony and dinner

DRESS CODE: ‘Dress to impress’

2. Competition will have classic (1:1) and volume (3d-6d) category

3. JUNIOR – less than 1,5 year experience

SENIOR – 1,5-2,5 years experience

EXPERT – more than 2,5 years of experience and educators

4.  All contestants have to follow the rules about their experience and apply correctly.During the application, every

contestant has to send their first certificate to determine the correct experience

5. If the contenstant applies in the LOWER category, the organizer has the right to DISQUALIFY that contestant

without any explanation

6. COMPETITION FEE – 1 category…………………70 eur (525 kn) only classic or only volume

2 categories………………130 eur (975 kn) classic and volume

ALL prices INCLUDE dinner at the award ceremony for 1 PERSON

Guest at the award ceremony…30 eur (225 kn)

Fantasy lash art ………….50 eur (375 kn) ONLINE PHOTO CONTEST(„SPRING IS COMING“)


e-mail adress:

a) photo of certicate

b) full name and surname,date of birth,adress

c) select category and experience

d) ***if you have a company and want the receipt on the company name, you also have to send the details about

yout company

e)…and write will you bring a guest with you to the dinner and award ceremony and the NAME and SURNAME of your guest

After that you will receive an invoice for paying


  1. DEADLINE for applying to classic and volume categories is 20.February 2017.
  2. DEADLINE for Fantasy lash art application is 1.March 2017.
  3. DEADLINE for Fantasy lash art sending photos is 1.March 2017.

After application and receiving your ID number, send the pictures, in "subject" write your ID number.

Martina Kallos Eye Lash Competition

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Posjetite nas:

Harambašićeva 20, 10000 Zagreb


Naručivanje klijenata:

isključivo telefonski u radnom vremenu

091 2555 247

Radno vrijeme

ponedjeljak-petak 8:00-20:00
subota 9:00-14:00

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